Saturday, 26 November 2011

A beautiful moment of procrastination...

A sigh of relief and sense of satisfaction, my last piece of journalism course work done and dusted after weeks of intense university work and no social life. Yet, there is no celebration drink or even evening of guilty pleasure viewing: mind numbing reality TV accompanied with a glass of wine in my onesie no less. Instead, it is time to tackle the pile of books and make progress with my History of US essay.

Less than half an hour into research and I find myself browsing facebook, blogs and shops online. How did this happen?! Either way, my classic procrastination session lead to a beautiful discovery which immediately drove away all feelings of guilt...

The 'Cutie Pie' vintage inspired, limited edition jewellery collection is designed and handmade by Danielle Butler. Considering the brand was founded in 2007 and has been featured in magazines I read religiously such as Grazia I am surprised I that I have not came across Cutie Pie before.

I want absolutely everything in this collection. My absolute favourite pieces have to be the 'Monsieur' moustache ring, the 'play us a tune' piano ring, the 'alice' playing card ring, the 'up up and away' necklace and the 'antique rose' bracelet.

For once I will be thankful rather than regretful for sweet procrastination:

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