Sunday, 11 March 2012

Zeynup Tosun: House of Evolution Collective London Fashion Week

The House of Evolution collective returned to London Fashion Week once again with an even more impressive share of emerging designers with that mesmerizing contemporary edge we all admire. 

One designer who stood out head and shoulders above the rest was Zeynep Tosun. The Istanbul born designer, who was previously part of the Di Alberta Ferretti design team, established her brand in 2008 and rapidly rose to success winning the category of Best Up and Coming Designer at the Elle awards in 2010. The innovative, futuristic and wearable collection  for A/W 2012-13 showcased left me in utter awe, with dreams of travel in the future floating around my head. 

The collection represented a traveller’s journey with a contemporary nomadic feel expressed through the use of large metallic travel backpacks both at the start of the catwalk and at the end. The severe hair styling was instantly noticeable with slick tied back buns and visible hair blonde clip-in hair extensions that even worked for the brunette models in the futuristic androgynous tone. 

The space age traveller theme was emphasized by the symmetry and clinical precision in the cut of the designs and the sharp chocker style collars with metal detail. The use of layering a wide range of materials from rigid metallics, soft green tweeds and flowing sheer skirts in contrasting silvers and deep maroon and orange helped create tension and gave the collection identity. A key item was an oversized black Mongolian fur coat.

After accompanying Tosun's alien models journey across time and space I felt inspired, looking towards the future of design eagerly, excited for the adventure ahead.

Photography by Laura McKinnon

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