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Emerging Designers: Predictions for 2012 (2)


London based designer, Luna Sky, is probably best described as every girls dream fairy god mother. Having lived in fashion capitals across the globe from style sovereigns Paris and Milan to the new chic capitals of Tokyo and Japan, the designer has learnt a thing or two about creating the perfect ball gown. Living by the motto, 'la vita e bella' (life is beautiful), Luna formed her label 'LunaSky' in 2010 with a mission to create vintage inspired evening dresses to fulfil the needs of  the elegant, modern woman. 

The debut collection by LunaSky for A/W 2011 called 'La Vita Belle', meaning beautiful life, evoked the vision of Luna; a woman determined to devote herself to creating beautiful fashion to suit the lifestyle of the modern female. The collection combined elements of a classical romantic style in the lace monochrome evening dresses, which were given a 21st century edge with embellished chiffon, floral, sequins, ruffles and the LunaSky signature Swarovski crystal charms.

With an impressive debut collection, the appeal of Luna Sky's personal tailoring for individual customers and her traditionally feminine dresses did not go a miss. Within months the label was on the celebrity radar with names such as Gina G, Celina Brige and Lizzie Elliot on the LunaSky dressed-in list. Moreover, Sky was entrusted to style Top Model UK 2011 and showcase her second collection at the annual Pure London exhibition, the UK's largest fashion purchasing event.

The most successful venture for Luna Sky in 2011 was opening the LGN events 'A La Mode' independent fashion showcase during London Fashion Week in September 2011. The S/S 2012 collection displayed was inspired by the glamorous fashion of the 1960s. Similarly to the previous collection it built on classical silhouettes, with pull in waists and the sixties a-line style skirts. However, this collection was more sleek, sophisticated and rounded that its predecessor. The period styles were polished with modern tailoring creating chic day and night styles. The staple LunaSky crystal additions and ruffles gave the collection a haute couture feel.

The striking A la Mode performance paved the way for the rest of the year as the label became more popular and proved successful not only in Europe but also in Asia and America. The press soon cottoned on to the universal appeal of LunaSky with the brand featured in publications such as Dansk and Harpers Bazaar.

Though LunaSky experienced escalated success in 2011, it is not quite on the Somerset House radar as of yet. In 2012 LunaSky is due to make a reappearance at the A/W 2012 A La Mode catwalk at LFW in February and at Top Model UK also. It is only a matter of time until the exclusive pieces will make their way on to the treasured pages of Vogue.

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