Wednesday, 11 January 2012

S/S 2012 Trends Review 4

Print Pairings

As with every year, prints are a big trend for S/S and in 2012, designers have embraced the brave, extrovert trends and have been bold with bright clashing prints and also in the creation of print pairings.

The idea of a new season and a new wardrobe make over is never an easy concept to digest, especially when there are so many different trends to take in. Mastering a new look involves both bravery and time. It can pose dilemmas, like the midi skirt comeback last season which raised many questions from length to which shoes?

Though wearing complete print pieces is usually a daunting prospect for those who are a bit outfit shy, this spring there is little room to go wrong. The more clashes of colour and pattern the better! The combination of trousers plus shirt is also easily worn and provides comfort whilst all that Christmas turkey is still settling in your stomach!

The suit style appearance is kept feminine with the lively colours and often flattering silk textures. This look is one of the real, modern day, practical woman, with a no-nonsense button up shirt. The print pairings pieces, unlike those from sea world the sea life trend, are definitely the most wearable of all the S/S trends.

The D&G line definitely went out with a bang in it's last ever collection before the integration with the main label. The collection had references to Dolce and Gabbana's back catalogue, whilst also containing Versace elements in the detailed clashing prints bursting with yellows, pinks and blues.

Domenico and Stefano fearlessly sent their last, daring collection down the catwalk with pieces that are sure to become collectors items within a few months.

The clashing fish baby pink and orange fish print shirt and yellow print trousers showcase the extremities of the print pairing trend for those aiming for a bolder look. The clashing gives this outfit edge whilst still maintaining the classically chic elements of the shirt and trouser combo.

It was always going to be difficult for Mary Katrantzou to create pieces that had the same integrity and impact as her first collection which tackled one of the biggest issues of our age, man vs. nature. Though this collection opted for a broader, less detailed approach it still had references to nature in it's prints and still had very creative elements in the usage of metal in certain pieces. 

Katrantzou's matching print pieces were strong and as bold as some of the pieces from the previous collection, with models dressed in print from head to toe. The colour blocking and intricate detail of the designs made powerful statements, whilst the polished sheen of certain items sustained a feminine chic appeal.

This Jil Sander collection was the last in designer Raf Simon's couture trilogy, inspired by traditional couture codes and the women who followed them, which has driven the designer to produce what is arguably his best work. Simon pulled many threads together to end his story of women and the closed societies they form for themselves. 

Simon's brought a deeply inquisitive nature and open-mindedness to the Jil Sander label, allowing him to put his own signature on the brand taking influence from his own passions and interests. In his S/S collection he took much inspiration from the Picasso ceramics, which can be seen in much of the Gingham and Paisley prints. The clothes were to reflect the optimistic future of women. 

The artistic inspiration of Picasso can be seen in these print parings which fit perfectly, which such precision at the striking neck and hem lines. The prints have a mosaic feel and the use of sequins in the white suit adds classic glamour to the pieces which are effortlessly chic. The Jil Sander interpretation of this trend is the one I could most see myself wearing.

Dries Van Noten held the title for the most unique and creative choices of prints. The designer drew inspiration from his former collaboration with English photographer, James Reeve, featuring photographs of city nightscapes and combining them with other prints to create print pairing masterpieces.  

The seventeenth century botanical etchings used were my favourite of all the prints with Victorian jungle scenes and sea side tides cleverlt arranged to fit each piece. This collection was truly artistic and inspiring. I adored each and every piece!


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