Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Karl Lagerfeld Launches New Label

The highly anticipated launch of the new and more affordable Karl Lagerfeld label, Helmer, is finally here!

In four hours the collection will be made available to buyers on Net-a-Porter's website. Though there are fears of the website crashing due to an overload of traffic, the team at Net-a-Porter have put extra measures in place to ensure that they can cope with the mass wave of Lagerfeld lovers.

The Helmer collection, which features metallic and leather clashes with soft pastel pink spring colours, is significantly more affordable than Karl's Channel creations. Most of the 70 pieces in the collection are between £200 and £300, with the highest price of £867 ($1350) for a blazer. Unfortunately, though much cheaper than Channel, most of the Helmer pieces are out with my student price range.

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