Monday, 16 January 2012

The Golden Gowns!

The glittering Golden Globe Awards ceremony marks the beginning of the awards season and a new year for the entertainment industry. However, for me, it also marks a new year for fashion as the annual awards ceremony is, more often than not, the first major red carpet event of any year and we all know that celebrity status gives many woman in the film industry the power to become trend setters.

As with every award ceremony there were those who got it right, from regular style icons such as the inhumanely flawless and unstoppable force of Brad and Angelina to the unexpected red carpet ruler of Zooey Deschanel, and those who got it wrong, oh so very wrong. As I sat curled up on my sofa, anticipating the fabulous fashion artistry you would expect at these ceremonies, I was surprised at how many sack the stylist worthy outfits I saw. Perhaps I was being to critical, but I felt that the fashion at the Golden Globes this year was very hit or miss. It seems, however, that I was not alone. Many of the Golden Globe Gowns, particularly that of Natalie Portman, have produced a love/hate response.

On the other hand, there were designs that I completely fell in love with. Not only did certain pieces impress but they produced that warm, fuzzy, inspirational feeling that any woman will have experienced when they fall in love with a dress, whilst also provoking the 21st century kid consumerism bug of 'I have seen it, I now want it'. I just couldn't get enough of the beautiful designs worn by my best dressed celebrities of the night.

Zooey Deschanel, the perennially quirky girl and star of new US TV series, 'New Girl', proved that her talents stretch further than creating a few chuckles with her new elegant and sophisticated sense of style. Her floor length black and green silk gown, which was custom made by Prada, was perhaps my favourite Golden Globe gown. The top was enriched with emerald green glass pearls and included a classically chic ivory pearl collar. The open back style gave the dress a more glamorous feel and the matching customised clutch and tuxedo style manicure pulled the piece together to create a classically feminine outfit with an unconventional Deschanel edge.

Following her newly acquired title as one of the best dressed women of 2011, actress Emma Stone did not disappoint. As predicted the effortlessly chic style icon went for an understated yet strikingly unique piece. The gown designed by Lanvin won over my heart for many reasons, particularly for its burgundy colour which is definitely my favourite of all the a/w shades. The 1920s fringing down the sides of the dress and up the split points towards new s/s trends and the American eagle style belt gives the outfit diversity and pulls it all together, genius!

Another outfit that was another understated winner was the two-tone dress donned by Claire Danes, who really was the woman of last night after she took home the Best Actress award for her new TV series Homeland and had her outfit admired by many. The star reveals her new more mature style in this timelessly chic yet simple J. Mendel frock. Similarly to the dress worn by Zooey Deschannel, the backless stud detail that features around the waist also really completes the piece and gives the monochrome look more modern significance.

From relaxing on the beach to filming an episode of American hit comedy 'Modern Family', Sofia Vergara never fails to look good, and the daunting red carpet of the Golden Globes was no exception. The TV star went all out, fearlessly embracing the underwater trend that dominated S/S 2012 collections in a blue, mermaid style Vera Wang dress. The combination of fabrics, stunning ruching and a figure hugging silhouette wowed all and showed Sofia to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

When Angleina Jolie and Brad Pritt walked onto the carpet the paparazzi jumped into action as everyone gawped at the perfect couple, however, the stylish perfection of the couple should really come as no surprise as they are often the King and Queen of red carpet fashion. Angelina maintained her signature sleek and polished look in an Atelier Versace floor-length cream satin gown.The asymmetric dress had both edge and elegance with a sharp angled, pillarbox red fold across the top matching the shade of the Angleina's clutch purse. 

Brad looked dapper in a classic tuxedo by Tom Ford, with satin lapels and a bow tie to clam his rustic wood-chopper hair cut and stubble.

Now to start with the outfits that shocked, the worst dressed!

Though Madonna made a comeback winning the award for the Best Original Song for 'Masterpiece', from her directorial debut 'W.E', the actress and icon disappointed in an over the top Reem Arca gown. There was just too much going in the folding and ruffles of the skirt, let alone in the rest of the outfit. The combination of silver sparkles and a satin metallic look proved to be an eyesore. Madonna did not do herself any more favours by adding a random leather glove into this car crash of this outfit. 

Grey hair aside, Kelly Osbourne has been pretty successful when it comes to red carpet style as of recent. However, this track record was broken at the Golden Globes when the star turned up in an over the top blue Zac Posen gown. Though the electric blue colour and fish-tail hem is due to be a big hit with the underwater theme in S/S the floor length, broad shouldered dress swamped the celebrity's now petite frame. This unfortunately gave the impression that the dress was wearing her rather than the opposite way around. 

Piper Perabo's pale grey-lavendar gown from Theysken's Theory S/S 2012 collection, was bang on trend with the pastel colouring and revealing net and satin bodice style top yet the over the top skirt took away from the rest of the piece. Though it was a-line and had that cute fairy style appeal the floor-length, puff ball style was just too much. Perabo would do well to learn that less is more.

Natalie Portman was one of the few on the red carpet to embrace the S/S bold colours in her outfit choice. However, the bold fuchsia pink unfortunately clashed with the red carpet and the puffed out Lanvin prom dress drowned the slender post-baby frame that the star should be showing off. 

Amanda Peet's Marc Jacobs tiered dress resembled a mix between a Victorian nightgown and my grandmother's ruffle duster! The ivory lace layered, floor length dress swamped the figure of the slender 40 year old Gulliver's Travel star and was not appropriate red carpet wear. 


  1. I love Brad Pitt with long hair it reminds me of him in the 90's and he was very cute.. well he still is :)

  2. BTW My top is from charity shop :)

  3. I think Rooney Mara looked the best at the Golden Globe awards! ^^

  4. I love how adventurous designers are now compared to 20 years ago!

  5. Very interesting and really well written too x