Thursday, 1 December 2011

2011's Best Frock...

At first this was a very difficult choice for me as 2011 has brought so many clever, beautiful, unique and edgy outfits to my attention, from British actress Andrea Riseborough's understated yet striking, unique red carpet choices to Jessie J's controversial but edgy wardrobe wonders, a favourite being the leopard print jumpsuit worn at the MTV Europe Music video awards. However, after a good long think the triumphant tailoring became so obvious that I was almost ashamed I didn't think of it sooner.

The winner of the best frock 2011 category is (drum rolllllll)....

The Sarah Burton Royal Wedding dress designed for Kate Middleton.

The fairytale worthy frock matched Kate's understated sophistication as she sat smiling next to her prince waving to the crowds from her horse and carriage. I was just waiting for a Fairy God Mother to flutter in followed by the inevitable, jealous ugly sisters chasing after the carriage, stopping every so often in an attempt to squeeze into a shoe the size of their big toe. Instead, sister Pippa Middleton nearly stole the show as she worked the younger Prince Harry with her figure hugging bridesmaid gown also designed by the Alexander MacQueen creative director.

The moment when Kate stepped out of the Rolls Royce to reveal the well kept secret wedding dress will be a moment forever cherished in fashion history. The intricate and exquisite hand embroidered lace appliqué bodice complimented the simple but classic floor length skirt, train and the ivory silk veil. As soon as I saw the dress my cynical views about the fact that the event resulted in a public holiday were a mere memory as I felt all mushy inside, that feeling of instantly falling in love with a dress that I am sure all women must have felt at some point in their life.

Not only did the piece itself receive an inordinate amount of press coverage both before the secret outfit was revealed and after but it also proved that Sarah Burton is more than capable of filling her role as successor to the Alexander MacQueen label and has resulted in her becoming one of 2011s most high in demand designers with her winning the designer of the year award at Harper Bazaar's Women of the Year Awards.

So with a cup of English tea in hand and pinky raised I propose a toast to Sarah Burton for designing the dress that defined 2011.

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  1. thankyou for the lovely comment! this dress is totally the best of the year - Kate looked so beautiful :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie