Sunday, 4 December 2011

Success Story of the Year...

The Rise of Dawntroversial

2011 has definitely belonged to 25 year old, Dawn Smith, who turned a hobby into a business selling her hand painted galaxy themed shoes. Since 'Dawntroversial Shoes' launched in July of this year, the designer's success rocketed and within a mere month Poppy Disney had requested a pair of the shoes for London Fashion Week. When I interviewed the designer earlier in the year she said, '‘I feel honoured that my shoes are being worn at London Fashion Week. I hope that my designs get noticed and create media attention. To get my name out there so quickly is surreal but very exciting.’

Since then, it is safe to say that Dawn has definitely got her name out there with her designs appearing in vast number publications from the Evening Times to Niji magazine. Moreover, Dawn's s shoes have also been showcased at various fashion shows, such as the In the Company of Wolves catwalk, sold at a number of local fairs and crafts shows and have landed her an internship with noted label 'Obscure Couture.'

The 2011 Dawntroversial sensation will marked by the appearance of the shoes at both the semi-final and final X-Factor shows next weekend. What a way to end a successful year, congratulations Dawn!

Photography by Laura McKinnon


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