Saturday, 10 December 2011

Inspiration of the year...

Photographer: Laura McKinnon

2011 has been a pivotal year in my life in terms of career aspirations and maturity. 2010 was about the step up to university life and the challenges that posed. However, the biggest challenge I faced this year was the prospect of attaining work experience whilst at University.

Journalism is something I have been passionate about for quite a long time. From my early teenage years I have been determined and focused on attaining a future career in the field. Yet, after hearing of others failing to get work experience and hearing the usual 'publications can't afford to take on students' chat I was feeling rather afraid, uninspired and lost.

Earlier this year, however, I was lucky enough to get back in touch with an old school friend, Laura McKinnon who won the Telegraph's photography competition to shoot in the pits at London Fashion Week in February, less than a month since launching her business: Laura McKinnon Photography. It's safe to say I was impressed by Laura's achievements, especially considering the fact she had not long recovered from from a life threatening heart infection she contracted in November!

After telling Laura about my aspirations she promised me that if she needed a journalist she knew who to call, true to her word a few months down the line I received a call asking for a press release with a 3 hour deadline. Once I'd jumped around, celebrating the 3 hour deadline set in. I did not move from the laptop the whole time and that experience proved invaluable for future deadlines.

From that occasion onwards I was Laura's go to journalist and I must say, even months later, I still feel privileged. The opportunities Laura has provided me with have allowed me to experience real deadlines, interview and work with some incredible people, find a passion for fashion as well as music journalism and see my work published in various magazines. These experiences have given me the confidence to inquire about work experience and to gain my fashion journalism internship with TLG Magazine.

Not only that but the real passion, determination and positive working attitude Laura possess has rubbed off on me. Her endless list of achievements from being invited back to London fashion week; attaining an editorial position at Addictive Creatives magazine; to being nominated for Profession Fashion Photographer of the Year, continues to inspire me.

Below are some photos from one of Laura's recent shoots. You may have noticed that I have used her photography in previous blogs notably the Success Story of 2011: Dawntroversial, Once Upon a Time and London Fashion Week posts. The headpieces  in these photos are designed by Jenivieve Berlin Millinery.

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