Monday, 12 December 2011

Cosmetic of the Year...

No. 7 Intelligent Colour Foundation

This foundation, which blends into any skin tone,  is a godsend for someone as pale faced as me. Before I was introduced to this product finding foundation for my skin tone, which is paler than ivory, was a challenge. Often I would buy foundation that seemed to blend with my skin tone when I tested it on my hand only to find that once I had applied it to my face there was a big orange streak down my jawline. 

When I heard about the No. 7 foundation I was sceptical, would it work and was it worth the money? I had tried similar foundations previously such as L'Oreal's 'True Match liquid foundation' and, though the foundation succeeded in matching my skin tone, it caused me to break out in spots. When I read reviews of the 'True Match' foundation afterwards, sure enough others had this problem too. 

I would highly recommend No 7's Intelligent Colour Foundation. It is soft, kind to skin, subtle and light. It provides a matte finish whilst allowing your skin to look natural.

The hypo-allergenic foundation is available in light, medium and dark tones. Warning, when the foundation comes out the tube it looks very dark, however, once rubbed into the skin it blends with your natural tone. It seemed unusual at first but after using it several times application became easy. 

The Intelligent Colour foundation is definitely worth the price, especially for those seeking a foundation that blends with pale skin tones, lasts all day and leaves your skin feeling soft and natural

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