Monday, 19 December 2011

Favourite fashion trends 2011...

I'm too sexy for my shirt...
Shirts and blouses are an essential staple to any practical wardrobe and thanks to the embellished collar trend of 2011 they are now a stylish must have. I have invested in so many collared dresses and crop tops this year, I just can't have enough! I absolutely adored some of the detailed and studded collars available to buy on the high street right now. Designers who embraced the embellished collars were Miu Miu, Louis Vitton and DKNY.

(Miu Miu)
(Louis Vitton)

Detailed detachable collars are being sold individually on the high street, ideal for adding some edge and flair into an outfit or for layering. 

(River Island)

Rock n Roll chic
If I was told that in January that by the end of this year I would own and proudly wear a pair of leather trousers I would have laughed myself into hysterics. Yet somehow I find myself out donning the leather trousers in October and lusting after other times such as a-line leather skirts and hotpants, how did this happen?! I remember cringing at a photo of my Mum in a pair of leather trousers when she was my age. The leather trend seems to be a love-hate one that bobs in and out of the fashion world along with dungarees and flares. Despite this it is very much so in now and a nice pair of skinny leg leather trousers are not only bang on trend but are also practical in the sense that they can be dressed up and worn casually. They are a fantastic new wardrobe staple, yes they may live a short life style wise, but they can pretty much be worn with anything all day everyday whilst they are at the height of fashion. The leather additions to our 2011 wardrobe are thanks to the leather detail in Louis Vuitton a/w collection:

For a faux leather high street buy, get these H&M trousers

Every teardrop is a waterfall...
I just cannot get enough of waterfall hemlines, they turn a basic dress into a dynamic, edgy and sexy piece. Not only that but they seem to suit just about anybody. Unlike the maxi style which can swamp those with shorter legs, the waterfall hem flatters all with it's short to long dynamic, providing a beautiful midpoint between maxi and midi, and in some cases mini!

Both from The Pokey Hat Vintage

(River Island)

Man up...
I must say that a trend that has impressed me in 2011 is the edgy boy look in female fashion with tailored suits, button up shirts and the bow tie. It is a look I am inspired by but a tad to nervous to carry off myself. It is a confident look that can still be beautiful but just in a less conventional way. I have a lot of respect to those who are able to pull it off and style icon, Alexa Chung looked dazzling in her tux style suit at the Met Ball fashion party this year. The designers that have embraced this look are Ralph Lauren, Channel and Moschino.

(Ralph Lauren)

I moustache you a question...
When it came to jewellery accessories, statement t-shirts and even hip flasks in 2011 the quirky imperial moustache was everywhere. For someone who is not a fan of men with moustaches I strangely loved all the accessories and quirky novelty items from key-rings to snow globes, and I particularly embraced the trend durig 'Movember'. I certainly hope this humorous trend continues into 2012 or else what else am I to do with all my tasche memorabilia?



(Mug and Christmas bobble both at Urban Outfitters)

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