Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Must have of 2011...

Apple iPad 2

Last year everyone wanted the iPhone but in 2011 it was all about the latest apple creation, the iPad.

The tablet laptop has two cameras for FaceTime and HD video recording, 10-hour battery life and over 200 new software features. With so much squeezed into such a portable and light piece, which supposedly weighs less than a newspaper, it is no wonder why everybody wants one! 

However, in many ways the iPad 2 is just a crowd pleasing piece with it's stunning design in comparison to it's previous predecessors of the iPad 1 and the iPhone 4. However, bar the difference in weight there is not much else between the original model and the iPad 2, which brings up the question of why is it so much more popular? Was it all down to good advertising? 

Also, the iPad 2 does not offer every feature that iPhone 4 users enjoy in iOS 4.3. You cannot use the iPad as a personal hotspot, which is a feature that lets you share the phone's 3G Internet connection over Wi-Fi and your other gadgets.

By no means I am saying the iPad 2 is an unimpressive creation, it is remarkable that is drops in weight yet sustains it's battery life. However, I feel it is a gadget that will stay very much in 2011. The iPad 2 wont hold the crown of the best tablet laptop for long.

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  1. haha I always play with the ipad's in Tesco, it's always amusing looking at the photo's people take of themselves haha! I don't personally think much of the ipad or tablets in general. Although extremly clever creations, I much prefer my good old laptop! x